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About TAONet

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The Arts Office Network Inc. is an international community of professional performing and visual artists based in the Southern United States and São Paulo, Brazil sustaining cultural exchange with affiliates in the USA, Brazil and France. We collaborate with our affiliate artists and their communities to produce:

  • Exhibitions
  • Arts Events & Happenings
  • Artists Workshops
  • Artists Lectures
  • International Artist Exchanges

We are currently working on developing TAO Haven Residency and ECCOS Artist Residency.

Click here to visit our Affiliates page to find artwork and information about our network of professional artists.
Click here to contact us for information on our Arts Consulting Services.

Mission Statement: We facilitate space, supplies, programs and consulting services to support practicing professional visual and performing artists. T.A.O Network will tangibly advance this mission through a structured four-tiered plan that:

  1. provides affordable workspace,
  2. leverages the network for supplies
  3. fosters regular public exposure through local and international programming, and
  4. promoting or administering professional development educational modules

Guiding Principle: Art is a profession that requires a certain amount of dedication and support. For artists to continue sustained practice and succeed today they need to have networking opportunities within a creative community while acquiring business, organizational and strategic planning skills that supplement and enhance their artistic talents.

Programs: We develop programming that responds to the needs of our network of affiliated artists.  Using T.A.O. Net as a vehicle for dialogue artists access an extended international network, increasing the opportunity to develop collaborations and partnerships.

Supplies: We identify and promote, develop and produce tools that assist emerging and professional artists in fostering the skills necessary to sustain healthy careers.  Contact us or post to T.A.O. Net for more information and/or suggestions for T.A.O. Tools.

Space: We collaborated with the City of Lauderhill CRA to develop the Lauderhill Arts Incubator which provides affordable studio space for emerging artists.  The incubator housed our TAO:5448 Gallery which will be moved to our virtual art space through T.A.O. Zone.

Contact us for information on additional Brick and mortar venues.

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